Less than two years ago, Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma leveled the densely populated beautiful island of Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory and home to more than 3.7 million U.S. citizens. A reported 2,975 indirect and direct hurricane-related deaths had occurred deeming Hurricane Maria one of the deadliest hurricanes in U.S. history.  

Emergency relief funding and restoration efforts to the island and support to Puerto Ricans had been a long-drawn-out process frustrating Puerto Rican United States citizens. Back-and-forth Trump administration decisions to further fund Puerto Rico for economic and recovery relief was to blame, the lack of urgency and attention to Puerto Rico is shameful. Today, not only is Puerto Rico still rebuilding despite the lack of U.S. accountability but has been hit with another blow to its people’s moral and economy – the corruption at Puerto Rico’s highest level of government.

The longest and largest held mass protest in Puerto Rico’s history in twenty years is being held – one could assume that most of the island’s inhabitants have taken to the streets. By day, thousands of Puerto Rico’s oldest citizens march and at night, la revolución continues led by Puerto Rican youth, youth in their teens up to late 20s, who are clashing with police as of the latest reports. Among the protestors are Puerto Rican women, many who are domestic violence activists who have been trying to push for more protection of Puerto Rico’s female population, especially as the island has experienced a spike in men’s violence against women.


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Me DUELES Puerto Rico ? Llevo alrededor de 8 días sin poder actuar “normal”, sin inspiración, con muchas situaciones pasando, especialmente lo que está pasando en mi Isla Puerto Rico. Para l@s que no saben, soy puertorriqueña, nacida y criada. Usualmente utilizo mis plataformas para SOLO hablar de maquillaje y belleza, pero en esta ocasión (con respeto de los ideales de los demás en cuanto a política y religión) decidí hacer un alto y reflexionar sobre los acontecimientos que están ocurriendo. Estoy sumamente TRISTE por todo lo que está pasando en mi país. BASTA YA a la corrupción,al abuso, a las faltas de respeto, a las mentiras, y al NO escuchar lo que el pueblo quiere. 22 de julio de 2019 fue un día histórico donde 1,250,000 de puertorriqueños, salieron en pie de lucha para un mejor Puerto Rico, un mejor sistema de gobierno y aún así este individuo decide continuar al poder. Asi como el pueblo lo eligió, así mismo le pide su RENUNCIA. Por mi futuro, por el futuro de nuestros niños, familiares, nietos, RENUNCIA YA @ricardorossello ?? . #RickyRenuncia . . #JaniseColonBeauty #JaniseMakeupLooks #PuertoRico #Makeup #Beauty

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Celebrities have come out to rally alongside their fellow Puerto Ricans. Performers Bad Bunny, Residente, Ricky Martin and actors, Benecio Del Toro and local island celebrities – everyone calling for the resignation of Puerto Rico’s Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rosselló, “Ricky, Renuncia!” 

Puerto Ricans had been through enough with hurricane natural disasters that another man-made disaster was to blow up at government level. Governor Ricky Rosselló’s office and leadership have been highly criticized for years, members of Rosselló’s administration resigned and others arrested over corruption and misuse of $15.5M of Hurricane Maria federal funds.

However, the straw that broke the camel’s back? Reports of leaked text message content coming from Gov. Ricky Rosselló and his inner circle. The government politicians exchanged inappropriate offensive sexist and misogynist messages about female politicians as well as mocked poor people and impacted hurricane victims, the very Puerto Rican citizens these government politicians serve.  

Puerto Rico

“We won’t stop until he’s out of the office.” #renuncia #renunciarosselló #puertoricounido 

Gov. Ricardo Rosselló is defying calls to resign stating he has apologized to the people and is following rightful law and order to stay on board as governor to further lead Puerto Rico into full economic recovery. However, Puerto Ricans are not convinced and believe Gov. Rosselló will lead Puerto Rico into more economic troubles. Time may be up for the Governor as Puerto Rican United States citizens hold strong for much-needed change and prosperity.

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