U.S. Cities Where ICE Raids Will Happen And Resources Are Available

On Friday, July 12th — Trump (#45) and his administration confirmed that ICE raids will happen on Sunday July 14th, to detain (not arrest) as many as 2000 undocumented families including children with court-ordered removals or have missed court appearances. Many of these families are victims of family separation and are being retargeted all over again. Over two weeks ago, #45 postponed raids, this time it is looking that no postponement will be made. All undocumented immigrants should be seeking legal help and know their rights or derechos. Above all, the undocumented should not open any doors to ICE officials without warrants – and do not resist if a warrant is issued.

Here are the cities across the United States that are preparing for ICE raids and the anti-raid rallies and resources available – 

New York City 

ICE raid sweeps could extend to outside NYC into parts of New Jersey. Houses of worship and community centers will be opening their doors quietly to offer sanctuaries to the undocumented or deportees.

In New Jersey – the Bnai Keshet synagogue will offer shelter.


In Miami, one in every five residents is an immigrant. Safe sanctuary spaces are secretly being created for the undocumented. Advocacy groups are reaching out to heavy immigrant communities, passing out supplies for overnight stays and flyers with undocumented rights information. If you are unsure if you or a family member has a court order for removal – you can call. You can find out more information via the Florida Immigrant Coalition.

Currently, an advocacy group by name of Witness Homestead is a lead organizer of protests and rallies that have been held in the past 150 days at a well-known detention center.


According to Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, her city does not support ICE raids and law enforcement will not cooperate with ICE.  A Jewish advocacy group, Never Again Action will be attempting to shut down the Atlanta ICE office in protest. In resistance to the ICE raids, a block party to support ALL immigrants – documented or not will be held at the Sarah J. Gonzalez Memorial Park – show up to support.

New Orleans

Impacted by Tropical Storm Barry – postponement of ICE raids is to occur and will not hit Louisiana and Mississippi. You can find more information at NOLA.com


Heavy immigrant communities of Chicago such as Pilsen, Gage Park, Chicago Lawn, Hermosa, and Little Village will be canvassed by faith leaders and other community supporters and organizers. Another big city mayor, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, does not support the ICE Raids has ordered local law enforcement, the Chicago PD to not cooperate in the raids.

One such initiative to assist the undocumented is The Resurrection Project.

Here are more organizations, according to Informed Immigrant site able to assist the undocumented in Chicago –

Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights: 1-855-435-7693 (1-855-help-my-family)
Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP): 773-471-8208 ext 120
The Resurrection Project: 312–666-3062
National Immigrant Justice Center: 1-855-435-7693 (1-855-help-my-family)
PASO – West Suburban Action Project (Proyecto de Acción de los Suburbios del Oeste): 708-410-2000


On Friday night, hundreds of Baltimore citizens gathered to protest against ICE raids in their city. Advocacy group CASA, 1-855-678-2272 has been holding legal clinics for the undocumented and for family members who had a loved one deported all week starting on Tuesday.


The Southwest of the United States is on edge as most of the country’s immigrants reside heavy in the states of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.  Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner told NPR, “We are not going to be participating with ICE on these type of raids…..especially in the case of DREAMERS and people who have been here for quite some time…”

The Houston Immigration Hotline is available to any or all who have questions. It is being reported that many Houstonite undocumented have already gone underground.


Protesters on Friday made this move in solidarity with the undocumented.

Colorado Rapid Response Network: 1-844-864-8341
Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition – CIRC: 303-922-3344

Los Angeles

Los Angeles County will not be cooperating with ICE. Supervisor Hilda Solis had this to say about the separation of children and parents – ensure you have a guardian, a neighbor to help take care of your children. For any undocumented detained at the Los Angeles downtown detention center, attorneys will be available. CHIRLA ‘s site shares information on what to do if a loved one has been detained. The L.A Raids Rapid Response Network, a network made up of over 300 attorneys offers a hotline 888-624-4752.

Many rallies and protests are being held in parts of Los Angeles – most notable is one that continues to take place outside of the Metropolitan Detention Center.

San Francisco

San Francisco and the Bay Area, the most progressive of all cities is prepared and so are its residents with multiple events from downtown ICE center to the doors of Palantir Technologies to protest the use of its data mining software “deportation machine’ contract with the Trump administration

Here are more organizations, according to Informed Immigrant site able to assist the undocumented in San Francisco/Bay Area –

Services, Immigrant Rights and Education Network (SIREN): Text this number for rapid response: 201-468-6088
SFILEN – San Francisco Immigrant Legal and Education Network: 415-200-1548
Oakland Community Organizations | PICO: 510-241-4011
San Mateo County Rapid Response: 203-666-4472 (203-NOMIGRA)
Sacred Heart Community Service: 408-290-1144
Marin County Rapid Response: 415-991-4545

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