Many of us in a Latinx ‘traditional’ household, as first or second generation children may be familiar with the push from our parents to pursue professional jobs or careers with ‘good paychecks’. Stable professions like doctors, bankers, teachers are what our parents’ generation were taught to aim for, but today’s generation, not so much. Careers in the arts are not thought of in high regard to many Latinx parents. It is only because Latinx parents want what is best for their kids and to have better opportunities they didn’t have. In the refreshing Latinx short film De Tal Madre, Tal Hija, Latinx parenting is explored and counters to what we would expect. 

In collaboration with the Lopez Family, HRDWRKER and directed by Tito Molina,, De Tal Madre Tal Hija gives us a glimpse into a supportive encouraging mother and daughter relationship and what healthy Latinx parenting can be like today. Through the real experience of a mother (Adriana Lopez) and her daughter, Fabiola Lopez, a photographer pursuing her dreams, we see a mother break a cycle of deferred dreams. Deferred dreams are a by-product of sacrifices made by an individual and dreams that the person may leave behind.

Adriana Lopez’s (the mother) childhood was void of her pursuing her own passions, which affected her ability to find joy and happiness. As a mother,  she eventually found channeling her creativity could be done through her cooking for her family.  

De tal madre, tal hija. from HRDWRKER on Vimeo.

Adriana’s parenting style involves encouraging and allowing her kids to pursue their own artistic interests and passions in life, with freedom. Something Adriana never had as a child. As a result of Adriana’s new way of Latinx parenting, encouragement of her daughter Fabiola’s passion for photography, Fabiola is thriving in her career as an emerging photographer.

‘De tal madre, tal hija’, was shot amazingly and entirely on an iPhone, and is a film selection part of the Oaxaca Film Festival.

Fabiola Lopez is part of the Las Fotos Project mentorship program. You can find Fabiola’s work displayed in galleries throughout Los Angeles and campaigns for brands like Nike.

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