Liliana Lopez

Liliana Lopez

Liliana Lopez is a BoldLatina Fellow '21 running BoldLatina's social media content curation and creation. In addition, Lily drives our BoldLatina Spotlight Series which shares the stories of Bold Lat

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Meet the Latina Founder of Tragos A Popular Latinx Card Game

by Liliana Lopez in Entertainment

Growing up you may have played UNO, Monopoly, Bingo or loteria with friends and family then the digital economy took over – mobile games, video gaming (check out Latinas in gaming), and virtual gaming communities. Classic ‘retro’ party games are a fun pastime and surprisingly made a huge comeback during the...

How Nydia Simone Amplifies AfroLatinx Voices

by Liliana Lopez in BoldLatina Spotlight

After dealing with racism in Hollywood, Nydia Simone, an Afro-Latina of Panamanian descent decided to build her cultural authority in Afro-Latinx voices and own her table. Nydia is an NYC born Panamanian- American and the founder of Blactina Media, a company that amplifies Afro-Latinx – Caribbean narratives via media and visual...

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