Congratulations! Your Job Loss Could Be The Kick In The Pantalones You Needed

No es bueno? Or Is it? It’s one of those experiences that makes you feel like an utter utter failure and a lost paycheck away then waiting for that  unemployment check . It’s sure is challenging. It sucks, big time.

BUT hear us out.  You just got to get past that REJECTION and sense of loss – financially. Getting fired might be the best thing that could have ever happened to you.

Think about it.

So here are the top reasons for why your culo was kicked to the curb:

  • The boss is an idiot (notice we bold this one…hee hee)
  • You’re miserable – unmotivated leads to low performance
  • Your complacent and not growing or hitting it in high gear
  • The company isn’t doing so well, they are cutting loose ends
  • Then there is stuff that has nothing to do with you like the market, industry changes, restructuring or reorganization

As for some of the above, you are better off. As for the personal at-fault, well, it’s an opportunity to learn, gain wisdom, and ultimately improve your position.

So don’t feel entirely sorry for yourself, eh?!

There have been plenty of high profile peeps from Oprah to Steve Jobs who have gotten the boot!

“Think like a queen, a queen is not afraid to fail.” Oprah Winfrey

Getting Fired

So here are 5 key takeaways from losing your jobby job:

  • Reality is going to kick you in the pantalones – there will be “bumps in the road”
  • Behind most successful people are moments of failure, loss of opportunity and self.
  • Learn from losing big.
  • Let a job loss drive what is burning inside of you – what’s that fire in your belly?
  • When you’ve hit rock bottom, you have no other option but to go up.

When was the last time you got fired and was it a blessing in disguise? Tell Us.