When done right, a rom-com can become a staple on any given movie night. Movies like The Wedding Planner, Pretty Woman, When Harry Met Sally and many others continue to be relevant years after their original theatrical release.

Everybody Loves Somebody tells the story of Clara Barron, a gal like many of us. She has a successful career as an OB-GYN in L.A., a house off Sunset Blvd, and an adoring family, but there is one problem: her love life is less than stellar. The movie stars Karla Souza as Clara; Souza currently stars in the TV show How To Get Away With Murder, and it is written and directed by Catalina Aguilar Mastretta (women power all around!)


The premises of the story make Everybody Loves Somebody relatable to many of us: Clara’s ways of looking for love in all the wrong places, while still reminiscing the “what if” of her past. She yearns for love while having meaningless one-night stands, and even questions other’s relationships, her parents, her sister, and even her patients.

Her quest for love gets even more complicated when she has to find a date to take to her parent’s wedding, filmed on location in Baja California, Mexico. That is when Asher (Ben O’Toole) comes to the rescue – a fellow doctor who agrees to be her date.

Clara will soon find out that the weekend trip to her parent’s house will test her in every possible way, all thanks to Daniel (José María Yazpik) the “love of her life” and the man that her family adores. What should Clara do? Give Daniel another chance, or explore the possibility of getting out of her comfort zone and let Asher court her?

You will soon find out the trials and tribulations of Clara’s indecisive ways when Everybody Loves Somebody hits theaters nationwide on Friday, February 17. Find Everybody Loves Somebody on Facebook.

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