“In-a-world” (?? our bad ‘movie’ voice impression) of sensory overload and ‘screen’ distractions from ‘cat vids’ or reality shows on our mobile to desktop to our television sets (do we have any, anymore?) we are always ‘watching’ something. That’s why we found it so refreshing to be introduced to this collection of essays that calmed our minds and took us on a journey through words! It made us R=E-A-D  & wonder, what is it like to be a writer today? And just how do the best writers bare their souls to us through their words, WOW: it’s arte in every way. 

“More Than Words” is a collection of essays by badass Eva Recinos that explores the way writing got her through life, death and everything in between. It’s also a reflection on what it means to be a writer while growing up in an environment that calls for survival over creativity. Learn more, Chicas.

Eva Recinos is a writer based in Los Angeles. Her writing has been featured LA Weekly, The Creators Project, Refinery29, Cosmopolitan and others. She is less than five feet tall. ?


Image Credit: Eva Recinos ‘More Than Words’

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