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‘Queen of Cleaning’ TikTok Latina Housekeeper And Entrepreneur Embraces Her Career

Vanesa Amaro is a renowned Latina housekeeper with over 5.3M followers on TikTok, and Co-Owner of Amaro’s Cleaning, a company she had established about eight years ago, with her husband joining her venture six years ago.

During the pandemic, the Latina housekeeper unable to do her job began a social media side hustle recording herself cleaning, sharing tips, stories, advice, and reviews on various cleaning supplies. Amaro started off with five followers, and now has a growing number of followers on TikTok, 654K flowers on Instagram, and 286k on a dedicated Spanish-speaking Instagram.

To the woman who gave me a cleaning job, even though I had no relevant experience, or references. But, gave me an opportunity, because she saw my need. I will never forget you,” Amaro said on her platform.

Ever since she grew popular on social media, she has begun cleaning homes for people who need it, sharing their stories, and participating in collaborations with ScrubDaddy to renovate an entire kitchen with no-cost for a terminally-ill client, and create products. Such as the Scrub Babies, which have been resized 12.5% smaller.

I literally designed my product with @scrubdaddy called Scrub Babies with my needs in mind. Since I have smaller hands we made them 12% smaller. And 100% cuter,” Amaro wrote on Instagram.

She has partnered with various brands, one of them being, Áthos Living. A brand paying homage to the owner’s Greek heritage in its name, and plant-based cleaning products. They recently launched a line of eco-friendly cleaning products with Vanesa Amaro, featuring a Pink Grapefruit scented Granite and Stone Cleaner, a Peppermint scented Bathroom Cleaner, and a Sweet Orange Multi-Surface Cleaner.

Amaro has also created her own Cleaning EBook. Which features her favorite cleaning supplies, recipes, advice, a customizable schedule, and motivational talk.

“I started creating this Cleaning Ebook because my followers asked me for my cleaning schedules and my favorite cleaning product list. This ebook took over a year of hard work and I hope you love it as much as I do, it’s like a little piece of me,” Amaro wrote.

Amaro has since become a Clorox Spokesperson, and was nominated by O-Cedar CleanTok Awards for the Best Cleaning Royalty category. She has partnered with Fable & Mane to showcase her favorite hair care products, West Elm for her preferred sheets, and SparklBands to showcase her favorite band accessories for apple watches! She offers discount codes for most of the products.

Through her work, the Latina housekeeper and entrepreneur, Amaro, hopes to showcase the love she has for what she does from the littlest details.


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One way that I demonstrate love is by going the extra mile for others. Especially for my older clients. My older folks, the grandmothers, and grandfathers, who have already lived their life, and are now tired. I always love to do extra things for them that are not included in my services, or that are not paid for. They deserve it, something as simple as cleaning their hair brushes, organizing their medicine cabinets or washing the dishes,” Amaro said in a video she published on her dedicated Spanish-speaking Instagram page.

As a society, we are prone to focus on elevated, Latinx professionals. We also need to celebrate our essential workers and laborers like Latina housekeepers. Amaro has owned her path, and embraced her domestic housekeeping work by taking it onto another level. She is using her platform to combat stigmas against housekeeping, educating on safe and proper cleaning, creating products that will benefit the lives of so many people, and showcasing acts of deep kindness, understanding, and care through her work.

“I feel like housekeepers are so underappreciated, underpaid, and overworked. I love using my platform to bring awareness about that. We are hard workers,” Amaro said.

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