Books have the power to inform, inspire, and motivate us. It’s no surprise then that we reach for self-help books when trying to navigate the complexities of love. But what about the complexities of single life? We shouldn’t always look to find love when we find ourselves single. Singledom is a time and place in our lives that should be understood, honored, and celebrated for the single Latina.

Thankfully, there are authors who have chosen to analyze what it means to be single, outside of criticisms and judgment. As we aim to keep our readers informed and empowered, through every part of life, we’re sharing five books every single Latina should read (including one for those who do want info on love and relationships).

Be Unapologetically You: A Self Love Guide for Women of Color, by Adeline Bird

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The most important thing about love is that you have to know–and love–yourself first before you enter into a successful relationship with someone else. That’s why being single is a great time for reflection on how you view and treat yourself. In Be Unapologetically You, Adeline Bird shows readers to practice self love, set boundaries, and believe that they are, indeed, worth it.

Available at, $13.80

It’s Not You: 27 (Wrong) Reasons You’re Single, by Sara Eckel

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There seems to be an incorrect assumption that if someone is single, it is because there is something fundamentally wrong with them. That’s often not the case at all! Sara Eckel’s book, It’s Not You: 27 (Wrong) Reasons You’re Single, gets to the bottom of several things you may have heard: “you’re too needy,” “you’re too picky,” “you’re too independent,” and so on, and how to rethink these ideas with “the latest psychological and sociological research.”

Available at, $17

Latinas in Love: A Modern Guide to Love and Relationships, by Valerie Menard

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Hey, sometimes we want to read about how to find lasting love when we’re single. We want to learn what we’re doing right–and wrong–on our quest for a great relationship, and have that knowledge ready for when we find “the one.” Latinas in Love: A Modern Guide to Love and Relationships, penned by relationship expert Valerie Menard, looks at love through a Latinx filter, factoring in “cultural expectations,” traditions, Latina stereotypes, and more.

Available at, $18.90

The Unexpected Joy of Being Single, by Catherine Gray

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Singlehood isn’t a life experience to be sad about. It’s a period to embrace being a single Latina! And you’re not alone, even if you’re over 30. In fact, the average age for getting married for women is 35. Books like Catherine Gray’s The Unexpected Joy of Being Single will help you lean into what should be an awesome part of your life. In the book, she shares how she took a year off from dating, unlearned unhealthy thoughts about being alone, and detached from the panic that not being coupled up creates.

Available at, $10.79

Single on Purpose: Redefine Everything, Find Yourself First, by John Kim

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Some of the best life advice comes from personal experience. Such is the case of John Kim, known as “The Angry Therapist.” When a divorce left him alone, he dedicated this time to focusing on his relationship with himself, realizing that we all need to do this–and not only when we are forced to during tough times in our lives. What John learned became Single on Purpose: Redefine Everything. Find Yourself First.

Available at, $14.99

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