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Hands up ??  for massive transformation in 2017. Through the years, I have taken quantum leaps into becoming more self aware, fixing those blind spots and ‘decolonizing’ the mind…the diet is next 😉 For instance, I thought the creators of feminism were the ‘Spice Girls’ (a ‘girl’ band, you don’t have to worry about) back in the 90s. The SPICE GIRLS! Fast forward, I know now, I was not well informed, but I believed the hype. So personal growth and embodiment of those changes can be a positive journey – there will be times when positive change eludes us…or when we-just-don’t-know-how-to.

“I am not within the world; the world is within me.”

Here are a few things to step into and consider in thought, then practice as we go into 2017 and beyond…and if you already do these things, you are ahead of the curve – share your knowledge, send the elevator back down and bring another Latinx  a little higher in consciousness. As it stands today…WE will no longer be left behind, you watch, but YOU must take action now in order for us to stay on course, seeeester!

Vet The Media

Cliche as it must sound – ‘Don’t believe the hype.’ In 2016, we saw the wave of trash and click bait fill our feeds especially regarding the election. This wave of fake news and misinformation was large. So with that said, we will see more curated, editorial and premium content that will continue to be created through the noise – of course, we do the curating for you, too. So challenge what you digest and deep dive into content; not just read the headlines. VOICES. Seek out diversity – put several Latinx and people of color publications or podcasts on your list to consume regularly. More importantly, get behind watching (looking at you, Hollywood #OscarsSoWhite), reading and hearing from more Latinx and people of color – nothing personal to the white journalists and/or content creators, but there is a LACK of diversity in the media business. Cultural content targeting us, that is put in front of us to consume – put a POC behind it, don’t you think? Riiiight. There is an opportunity for WOC to make a dent in journalism too. With the rise of ‘identity politics’ our voices have never been more important than NOW. Say ‘hell nah‘ to the erasure of our voices.

Fem-vertising and “Commercial’ Feminism

There are millions/billions to be made from the consumption, packaging of feminism and/or ‘commodity of empowerment’ to please the droves of Victoria Secret panty-wearing consumers (some of us are guilty of this.) Anything that excludes intersectionality in the messaging, execution and presentation- nix that shit from your shopping list. Learn to identify the contradictions brands make who sell products off the ‘insecurities’ of women then turn around to empower them at the same time.

Which brings me to Latinas, we love our beauty products and over index on ‘aesthetics’ compared to our non-Latina counterparts. Just know as Latinx just how powerful our purchasing power is – your dollah speaks.

Don’t even get me started on the ‘pinking’ of products to appeal to females.

Embrace Technology

Sure, you are on social media…consuming Snaps, grams and FB posts like nobody’s business. Me too. However, we must think ‘next level’ on innovation. Did you know that your job/career can be up ended by AI robots one day? Not to scare ya, but the future is here. It has arrived. Every aspect of technology is influenced by women and especially women of color – how? We over index as users and consumers of technology. So how to flip the script and become more than just a ‘consumer’ – create, invent and innovate. Know that it’s easier to launch an idea today, than it was 10-20 years ago. However, you must be ‘informed’ on innovations in tech – what’s coming down the line. Gain an overview of exciting frontiers like virtual reality. Stay on top of tech news and innovations. Tech is not intimidating, or have to be a direct career path for all, although we encourage you to get pinged for tech jobs or be deliberate with where your career path takes you…’cuz you never know when tech will enter your life 🙂 Here’s my point – don’t have a ‘fixed mindset’ when it comes to your day-to-day, know that in order to survive then thrive you must see what is on the horizon.

Optimal Self-Care

Take it next level, mujer.

Thank the universe for coconut oil magic – head to toe, but it won’t solve our mental health challenges in our community. Know when to:

  • Seek it out – therapy is so accessible, amiga.
  • Feed the soul daily. Weekly, at minimum. A good book, or meal ‘posole for the soul‘, etc.
  • Be in solace with your closest friends and family during dark times.
  • Find a healthy channel to release frustration.
  • Go ‘off the grid’, break away from devices, information, digital distractions.
  • ‘Decolonize’ your mind…and slowly, work on your diet.
  • Heard of ‘body positivity?’ No? You and your gorg belly roll(s) pansa, have noooow.

Show love in your actions. Show love for yourself. Give your body love (and ahem, don’t forget to orgasm, puhlease!!!)

Appreciate Mo’ Money

Our communities are lacking in generational wealth. (period) You have heard of the racial wealth gap, right? As POC individuals, be intentional about making progress with your money – set goals. Create revenue streams. Understand tax deductions. A cohort of financial tech companies with tools are finovating or disrupting,  like WOC owned/operated My Money My Future (sign up, now), Acorn. Simple Bank (no fees) is a personal favorite.

For those seeking to become investors or fund raise for their venture, a few good things have occurred like Title III of the Jobs Act became legal last year, May 2016, this enables anyone who is not an accredited investor….to invest in a startup! Yes, you can become an investor now.

Latina and Black women sit on the lower end of the earning spectrum  – one thing for sure, too many of us, work for free. No more working for free. F&*k that S**t! Ask to be compensated for your time. Time really is money. Money can be goooood!

Follow Through And Then Some

Call yourself into action and deliver. If you can’t get around to completing or executing something – you have to ask why you started to begin with…the saying YES to everything? Nahhhh, at the expense of you not being credible?  Selectively say ‘no’ to those things that don’t further your purpose, mission and/or goals. If it’s not a hell yes instantly, then it’s a hell no.

Make sure your head and heart align with projects. Being fully present and committed speak volumes on your character and credibility. It makes you a grown up.


Give Up Playing Small

Don’t be afraid to fail and don’t be afraid to succeed. After all, YOU are HERE…only Bold Latinas allowed ?  We live in a global economy now, competing, leveling up, YOUR visibility is important, today. You must own your POV and share it, share it here, if you want!

HAVE QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? Shoot me an email michelle@boldlatina.com or just comment below!


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