In this era of Trump, the Latinx community has taken several punches. From the inhuman policies of ‘separating families’ at the Mexican/U.S. border to the sentiments of ‘immigrants taking jobs’, immigrants all being ‘illegals’, ‘bad hombres’ and criminals, etc. – the divisiveness designed to create anti-immigrant sentiment among uneducated American voters. 

The truth is many immigrants come to this country with dreams for a better life and in the process fuel our economy by building innovative brands, companies and providing jobs. “Immigrants to the U.S. bring a fresh perspective that can translate into new ideas for businesses.” according to the Kaufman Foundation 

I immigrated from Mexico when I was 5 years old.  We were in pursuit of the American Dream, and I’m proud to be able to start a company that puts the Latinx community at its heart and that supports the community by providing 1% of annual sales to the Latino Community Foundation to help them advance their mission.   I want to invest in our cultura, and create a more vibrant community where all can thrive!”, Maria Brennan, CEO/Co-founder of Soñar!™ Foods  told BoldLatina.

Immigrant entrepreneurship is a force to be reckon with and the journeys are stories that make up the American dream especially when social impact is at its core and mission. Today, businesses must recognize the social issues and build consciousness into their values in part to connect with diverse, younger generation consumers who are increasingly more conscious and want a better world to live in for themselves and future. Brands who pay attention – win.

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Which brings us to Soñar!™ Foods, a Latina-Owned Organic Food Company On A Mission To Empower & Nourish A Nation Of Dreamers!’ Maria Brennan is a Mexican immigrant, CEO/Co-founder at the  helm of Soñar! Foods. Both Maria and her husband, Pete have built an emerging Latinx food brand that intersects social mission – health, civic empowerment to the Latino community.

What triggered Maria to found Soñar!™ Foods?

Here is what Maria shared with BoldLatina –

After hearing the negative narrative about the Latino Immigrant community in the media for months and then having our daughters ask, “Daddy, are THEY going to send Mommy back to Mexico?”, we knew we needed to do something to support our community.  My husband and I started Soñar!™ Foods to celebrate the Latinx community through positive food, positive stories, and a positive mission.”

Both Maria and Pete have 20 years of experience combined having worked for consumer product brands. This experience helped them launch Soñar!™ Foods with a community-centric mission to feed consumers with a ‘field to mouth’ ethos in that not only are the products organic, grain-free and good for consumers, but it serves the farm workers too in that toxic herbicides and pesticides are removed from the fields. Soñar!™ Foods flagship product is its tortilla chips made organic, grain free and plant-based of ‘garbanzo beans, cassava, hemp, chia, & flax – delivering plant-powered protein & fiber in a tasty snack’. Sounds delicious!


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Raised in California’s Central Valley, now living in the Bay Area and working for one of the world’s largest tech companies in the world – April is proof that dreams do come true, and she’s making it possible for others to realize theirs on a daily basis. When April isn’t championing community-based initiatives and paving the way for young people of color in the world of technology, she can be found hiking the hills of Oakland and San Francisco. April’s Dream Chip: Sea Salt – These chips are packed with flavor, yet as down to earth as April. It’s simple to see why she loves them. ❤️ #aprilalvarez #celebratethegood #soñar #comunidad #ourstories #grainfreetortillachips

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Soñar!™ Foods has a full circle social impact business model.  They provide at least $10,000 annually, up to 1% of annual sales, to the Latino Community Foundation.  Each bag of  Soñar!™ tortilla chips comes with the story of young Latinx living their dreams and making dreams available to others throughout the community – their images and stories are on every bag. 

Eating healthy and doing good at the same time,  “Bet you can’t eat just one…chip.”

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