Here, at SupaDaily we were absolutely appalled (<—yes, it’s a ‘scholarly’ word, we use) to learn that a fellow woman of color was disrespected and falsely called out for plagiarism because a word, a word – ‘HENCE’ did not sound like a word she would say?! Tiffany Corin Martínez, a college senior at Suffolk University, had an experience in a classroom that should never occur, a teaching moment turned into an embarrassing, put on-the-spot, humiliating one. Tiffany’s sociology professor rudely tossed Tiffany’s essay paper and wrote in a blue pen “this is not your word” underlining ‘not’ several times and also writing down ‘Please go back and indicate where you cut and paste’. It was assumptive. It was bias. It was racism.

In Tiffany’s blog post ‘Academia, Love Me Back’, she asks, ‘How many degrees do I need for someone to believe I am an academic?’



Tiffany, you keep on!




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