The Power of Latinx Voters: 10 Facts and Stats that Prove It

We sometimes forget our own strength, our own power. This is something that we deal with individually, but it is certainly true of all of us collectively, as a people. Latinxs number in the tens of millions in the United States, and with those numbers comes power and influence. We just need to be aware of this and act on it. The power of Latinx voters is immense.

There is no better way to show what large numbers can do when they work together than making it to the polling polls. What if every Latinx who was eligible to vote did? What if we voted for a candidate who has our interests in mind? We would be unstoppable and create the change we’ve fought for for so long. If there’s ever a time to push the Latinx agenda, it is now.

Numbers don’t lie. That’s why we want you to see the following 10 facts and stats that prove that we are a force to be reckoned with. We hope this fills you with hope, pride, and some orgullo Latino. And most importantly, it should fill you with the desire to go out there and vote in this election. Si se puede!

The U.S. Hispanic/Latinx Population Reached 60.6 Million in 2019

According to the Pew Research Center, from where most of these Latinx facts originate, the Latinx population grew to a whopping 60.6 million people in 2019. Our numbers are huge, and that means a loud and powerful voice in politics, should we choose to flex our power as Latinx voters when we show up and vote!


This is the 1st Presidential Election Where We’re the Largest Minority Bloc

For the first time, we Latinxs will stand as the largest minority bloc. This means we have the most eligible voters! 13.3% among all eligible ones, in fact. We have to take this historic first and truly make it count.


32 Million Latinxs Are Now Eligible to Vote

Sometimes, percentages fall short in showing how massive a population is. That’s why you should be aware that a whopping 32 million of us Latinos are going to be eligible to vote in this election. That’s huge! Are you registered to vote? It only takes a few minutes–you can check your status here, and register here (among other places).


More than 23 Million U.S. Immigrants Are Eligible to Vote

Many times, politicians dismiss immigrants, as if we don’t have a voice. We, whether it be us personally, or our families, came to this country to better ourselves and our loved ones. We helped build this country, and continue to do so. And for that, our voice matters. Did you know that more than 23 million immigrants are eligible to vote now? Those are 23 million individual voices that can come together to shout this election.

Every 30 Seconds, in the U.S., a Latino in the U.S. Turns 18 and Can Vote

Generation Z, which includes those who are between 18 and 24 years old, are bold. They aren’t afraid to stand up for what’s right, live their truth, and be themselves. If they could take that same energy and take it to the polls, they would make a huge difference in the 2020 election. In fact, every 30 seconds, a Latino in the United States turns 18, making them of age to vote. What if every 18-year-old Latinx decided to celebrate their birthday by voting for change?


These Are the Top States for Eligible Latinx Voters

We know that there are certain states in which there is a large concentration of Latinxs. 61% of the 23 million eligible immigrant voters, in fact, reside in one of the following five states: California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Arizona. Florida, Arizona, and Texas are battleground, or swing states, in this election. If Latinxs showed their voting power in these states, and any other, they could truly sway the outcome.

7.9 Million Latinxs in California Are Eligible to Vote

California has more eligible Latinx voters than any other state. 7.9 million people of Latino descent, roughly a quarter of all Latinos eligible to vote, can choose who they want to be their president on November 3 (or before).

4 in 5 Latinxs are U.S. Citizens

There’s a huge stereotype that most Latinxs are undocumented immigrants, who are “others” who can’t have a say in American politics. False! In fact, 4 out of every 5 Latinos are U.S. Citizens. Which means they have the right to vote. And vote they should.


Naturalized Citizens Make Up Record 1 in 10 Eligible Voters in 2020

Another statistic about immigrants we should all know is that naturalized citizens make up 1 in 10 eligible voters this year. That’s a record! We want another record this year–a higher than ever Latinx voter turnout!


There Has Been a Quick Increase in Eligible Latinx Voters in These States

While states like California, Arizona, and Texas are known for having a lot of Latinxs, other states are seeing growth. North Dakota, South Carolina, Oregon, and North Carolina have experienced a quick increase of eligible Latinx voters.

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V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi is a writer at BoldLatina, Refinery29,, and Mission Local. Her work focuses primarily on fashion, beauty, and Latinx culture. She has also written on San Francisco for a number of publications including the San Francisco Examiner, Bob Cut Mag, 7x7, and The Bold Italic. Alex recently co-founded the Latina Writers community.