Women’s March This Weekend – What You Need To Know

Women’s March 2018 is upon us, happening this Saturday, January 20th all over the nation. Women and allies in solidarity will rally on the second anniversary of the historic march held last year in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. , a defining, radical event in protest of Trump, it took place the day after Trump took office. Over 4 million people marched, many nasty women in pink pussy hats,  one year later, we, activists and leaders will def be louder!

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You bet BoldLatina participated last year in our headquarters city – San Francisco and Oakland combined, and one of our ambassadors, Corina reporting from our capital, D.C. Check out our recap video

This year, Women’s March organizers have put together Power To The Polls, a year long voter registration and mobilization effort, to kick off  in Las Vegas, Nevada. Why in Nevada, you ask? Nevada is a potential swing state during mid-term elections and is know for most recent gun violence. So if you are near Las Vegas or can travel, do so! Otherwise, Women’s March chapter marches, rallies, community events including voter registrations will be in effect at major cities from coast to coast. Major celebrity, social activists and major leaders will be part of the Los Angeles line up where Seattle will honor indigenous women as part of its activities.

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