The midterm elections are fast approaching and it seems that women are at the forefront of not only the amount of female candidates this year, but it looks like that they might be leading in voting polls too.

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Over the past weeks leading up to the midterm elections we have seen a surge of women who have been taking over as candidates. Women like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from the Bronx, New York, who has advocated for Medicare for All and housing as a human right could become the youngest woman elected to congress.

Lupe Valdez from Texas, has the potential to make history if she wins as she could become the first openly gay Latina governor. While Christine Hallquist from Vermont, could become the first transgender governor. With the excitement of women being at the center of the elections it is only natural to wonder if women, millennial women in particular will be taking over the voting polls this fall.

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According to a recent poll conducted by Refinery29 and CBS News called  Inside The Complicated World Of The Millennial Woman Voter,”millenial women are of all the age groups, the ones who have the “most negative” views towards the Trump Administration with 70% having these views. Not only that but around 2 in 1 millennial women would want to see Democrats win. Most women agreed that the policies presented by the Trump Administration have hurt women in one way or another, which is another reason why people are expecting women to show up to the polls.

But despite their feelings towards the administration and being more likely to go out to the polls and vote this year compared to previous years, only 30% of millennial women said they would “definitely” vote come November. But although some might be worried that not enough will show up, women like Natasha Medina from Long Beach, California thinks otherwise.

It is a new wave, a lot of women are speaking out and they feel like the chance to have their voice heard is with their vote,” Medina said.

Women have been showing an enormous amount of courage since Trump was elected, from participating in the “Women’s March” one of the largest protests in U.S. history at that time. To creating a movement of empowerment and courage with the #MeToo movement. It doesn’t seem that women will be staying quiet come November, Chloe Ricks a student at California State University, Long Beach is among those that believe that millennial women will show up to the polls. 

Women will be a large part in the voting process, just how the Women’s March was  huge this will be too.


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