Stay In-The-Know On What Goes On Around San Francisco/Bay Area

Azu with SF & LA – Entertainment, Culture Editor, Azucena Rasilla @ChroniclesofAzu

The Resistance starts NOW!  

We are in for a long four years ahead…

What: Inauguration Boycott

Where: Online – spread throughout social media platfrms

When: Friday January 20th 12:00am

Use this test screen image as your profile all across all of your social media platforms. Tweet the image using hashtag #inaugurationboycott.

Do not engage with anything related to the inauguration, don’t tweet about it, don’t watch it, don’t comment on facebook, nada!


What: Oakland General Strike Against Trump

Where: 1301 Clay Street Oakland, CA. 94612

When: Friday January 20th at 7am

This is an all day event that will kick off at 7am at The Ronald V. Dellums Federal Building. The strike will continue all day around Downtown Oakland, and the end gathering point will be Frank Ogawa Plaza at 5pm.

What: Women’s March Bay Area Chapter

Where: Cities across the Bay Area

When: Saturday January 21st, at 10am

The main Bay Area marches will take place in Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose. Check out the Women’s March website for complete details on the meeting locations for these and cities in the Bay Area vicinity.

What: What Now? Real Talk – Mobilizing Over The Next Four Years

Where: Strut – 470 Castro St, San Francisco, California

When: January 23rd at 6:30pm

This is a free community forum by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, a real talk where the discussion will center around what Trump’s Presidency means, and how we can organize and fight for the rights of all the groups he offended during his campaign.

Moderated by Honey Mahogany and Sister Roma.