Gloria Rinconi Within a few weeks, my time as an intern with My (Un)documented life blog will come to an end. Yet it has given me the opportunity to be a voice for a community that is 11 million strong, hard working immigrants that are in search of the American Dream that the US seemed to promise them if they were willing to work hard enough for it.The internship gathered a hand full of students that had a personal connection with the undocumented community, DACA students as well as undocumented students, all fighting for the same thing- their dreams.

As I am learning to find my voice as a young adult, I have found myself passionate about helping my community succeed and empowering them to not give up. All of the interns, including myself, had similar stories. A story of overcoming struggles, stereotypes and pursing higher education while being a DACA student or an undocumented student. The truth is, it can be a lonely often misunderstood path.

That is why as we must find resources to help guide us and inform us over topics that are highly important to us. My (un)documented life blog provides up to date scholarship, immigration info., internships and much more all helping the undocumented community. The blog provides much needed guidance for undergrad and grad school, how to get funds for higher education and how to reach out to the community.

Blogs likes these become a vital resource that help educate others and empower the youth.

For all my fellow interns, I admire their strength and courage. They have become a voice united as one fighting for our dreams.

Check out the blog, browse through and get to know what it is all about. It is filled with information, scholarships (see below) and tips that can help guide you even if you’re not undocumented. You might never know that your best friend beside you might need it to know this information.

Please note deadline dates and revised dates may be published on the below

Scholarships This Month:

DACA Scholars Scholarship: Open to undocumented students

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation College Scholarship: Open to undocumented high school students

2017 Ford Foundation Pre-Doctoral Fellowship: Open to undocumented graduate students with DACA

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