Your colleagues/co-workers are really cool. Really cool. The workplace well, it is a second home to some of us – breakfast, lunch and yes, sometimes dinner at that eleventh hour of meeting a deadline! Let’s not mention, fitting into company culture in values, mission, and the office events!

The event planning committees have their plate full and as an employee, if time allows, you are encouraged to show team spirit!

It is beneficial to attend company, holiday or team events  – 1.)  to build new professional relationships and deepen existing ones with communication & trust 2.) Understand ‘dynamics’ with your fellow colleagues and teammates to better collaborate with one another. 3.) Be a part of the building and shaping workplace culture. One thing to note is that many employers especially if working for a startup company have loosened up on workplace ‘etiquette’ especially with drinking – allowing employees to drink on the job, well, it can happen, especially in celebrations of company milestones.

So how do you navigate the workplace celebrations, Hora de Feliz or Happy Hours and other company events where booze is present?

So how do you avoid ‘turning it up’ too much while on the job…technically?

Plan Ahead For The Dranks

  • Have a meal- so fill er’ up and avoid drinking on an empty stomach.
  • Keep a cash budget for only 2 drinks (or less) especially at a ‘happy hour’ venue. That way, no money, no drinkie.
  • Have an accountability partner – a fellow co-worker to keep each other in check through-out the event.
  • Keep it to beer or wine. Mixed cocktails have loads of sugar and hard alcohol, that combo is more potent.
  • Two drink minimum. UNA-DOS ✌? (see our tip above on keeping cash-budget only.)
  • Drink a glass of water for every drink you have. Diluting the alcohol content in your system.
  • Pass it up – hard to resist at times, you have a choice, opt for a soda instead.

Do you have a ‘don’t-turn-it-up-at-work’ tip? Comment below!

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