By the time, a young female professional turns 30 is it likely that she will be very unhappy and burned out. Don’t let that be you!

A study by McKinsey shows that women account for 53% of corporate entry-level jobs, but women only hold 37% of mid-management roles.

So what can you do to prevent yourself from burning out?

1. Ensure you are meeting your company’s expectations and that they are reasonable and healthy. You don’t always need to ‘be connected’ or reachable during off-work hours. And if your expectations are self-imposed and your schedule is not sustainable, going at a fast pace on projects without breaks and meals? What can you scale back on to allow yourself ‘doing nothing’ time.

2. Have a clear path to career success and happiness. Working aimlessly without a roadmap can land you stuck in a rut. What are you striving for at the end of the day? In 2 years, where do you want to be? Can a workplace mentor help get you there? Be intentional.

3. Be easy on yourself. For real. Your journey is going to be different from Suzy in marketing.

4. Maybe work is not something you are passionate about and have to stick it out. Find something that allows you a platform for creativity or engage in a hobby you are passionate about. Having fun with a new hobby that you are also very passionate about will keep you reinvigorated.

5. Exercise. Nothing lifts the spirits and energy level than walking, running or sport. Whether it’s Soul Cycle or a local hike, doing some exercise with your favorite music tracks is key.