Now that the warning is out of the way let us talk about The Get Down Part II.

The story picks up about a year later, The Get Down Brothers are still hustling to book gigs, while Mylene and the Soul Madonna’s (mostly Mylene) are having much more success with their music adventures.

Part II, which is only five episodes simply does not have the same feel as the first half of the season. Part 1 premiered back in August of last year 2016, and we had to wait eight long months for the rest of the season. Whether it was the timing it took for Part II to be released, or the shift in the way the new episodes were directed, Part II of The Get Down feels rushed.

Something peculiar about the new episodes is the use of comic illustrations, randomly inserted in between scenes. Said comics come courtesy of Dizzie (Jaden Smith) who finds himself at crossroads, unable to do graffiti on the street, he starts drawing comics, narrating the adventures of The Get Down Brothers. Jaden Smith was noticeable absent throughout the new episodes, and it shows in the development of the characters.

Zeke and Shaolin are also dealing with their internal conflicts, Shaolin is still selling drugs and using The Get Down Brothers’ performances as a cover-up. Zeke is trying to maintain the balance between his love of music, his desire to go to college, and holding on to his romance with Mylene, his “Butterscotch Queen.” A fizzling romance between Zeke and Mylene was expected, but the new episodes did not explore in depth the trials and tribulations of their love and the obstacles they face.

If you are a fan of The Get Down’s music, you will love all of the music numbers. If you are a fan of Disco music, Mylene’s music acts will blow you away.

Are fans going to get a Season 2 or this riveted show? Difficult to say, production for this show is costly, more so than other “Netflix Original” shows. Without giving away the ending of the season, it felt like a series ending, which is a damn shame. There is a lot more of the story to cover, but it seems part II was meant to cover the entire development of the characters, leaving little room for a Season 2.

Let’s hope I am wrong because I would love to see how the future shapes for Mylene, and the Soul Madonna’s and for The Get Down Brothers.

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