The Legacy of Selena is Everlasting

It has been twenty-one years since Selena Quintanilla; the beloved Tejano singer died, and the influence of her music, style, and overall celebrity status remain relevant today. No doubt the legacy of Selena will forever live on in our community and mainstream. 

Selena was known for wearing her staple cherry red lipstick at every public appearance, and when it was not cherry red, it was a dark plum shade. In the 90’s these shades of lipstick were the trend, not just for Selena, but for many other celebrities as well. However, Selena’s cherry red lipstick transcended even after her death. It is not uncommon to go to a Selena tribute show and spot a sea of women wearing this lovely shade. Even celebrities today (Beyonce, Lady Gaga, JLo) haven taken inspiration from the late singer in their choices of wardrobe and makeup.

The influence of her makeup choices has been such that the anticipated MAC Selena collection will have a worldwide premiere in Corpus Christi on September 30th with the Quintanilla family in attendance. On October 1st, the collection will launch on the MAC website, and on October 6th, the collection will be available at MAC stores EVERYWHERE.

Can we talk about just how exquisite the 18-piece collection is? Three gorgeous lipsticks (Como La Flor, Dreaming of You & Amor Prohibido.) Five eyeshadows (Is It The Beat, No Me Queda Mas, Missing My Baby, Fotos Y Recuerdos and Selena.) A blush and bronzer called Techno Cumbia, brush, eyeliner and mascara. As a bonus, the collection will also feature an online-exclusive of a lip glass called Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.

This upcoming collaboration did not happen overnight. LA based makeup artist Jose Antonio Figueroa posted a picture on his Instagram of a dream-like MAC lipstick and the internet EXPLODED. This dream became a reality when radio producer Patty Rodriguez started a petition which gathered over 37,000 signatures. It was then that MAC realized just how powerful Selena’s influence truly is.


In an interview with VH1, Selena’s sister, Suzette, talked about MAC’s reaction to the madness that took over social media after the first tease of the line was released. MAC’s representatives said, “You know what Suzette, we’re going to be very truthful with you. In the history of MAC, we have never had a reaction to a makeup line like this. Ever.” If you check Suzette’s Instagram, you will see that she has been busy in keeping the legacy of Selena alive. She was hands on with the development of the collection and was the first to tease some of the products. How proud must she feel to carry on Selena’s legacy? Selena herself probably never truly fathom how legendary was would become. A wax figure, a limited edition vinyl of her number one hits, the MAC collection, accomplishments that artists only dream of.

Selena was a trendsetter, and her untimely death has made her a legend. Her music and style continue to influence younger generations. Other “STARS” come and go, but in the long run, they turn out to just be fads. Only legitimate artists achieve longevity generations after their death.

Freelance Journalist from Oakland, masochist A's fan.