Your social media feeds are triggering – images of Black men, Haitian migrant-refugees #asylumseekers at the Del Rio, Texas/Mexico border being rounded up like cattle by Texas border guards wearing cowboy hats on horses shouting “Go Now” and charging against the Haitians at the border while whipping horse reins at them. Forcing the Haitians back across the river back to Mexico. The images evoke an ugly past, that of US history — slavery. #injustice lives.

The acts of the Texas border guards against Haitians at the border have been condemned by the White House – Biden Administration @Potus As to what course of action will be determined to discipline the border guards is in the grey. Homeland security secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas @sec_mayorkas and border patrol chief, Raul Ortiz will be investigating the incidents further, but after initial review saw nothing wrong, according to The Guardian. Over the years, the United States ICE (Immigrant and Customs Enforcement) has been under the gun for inhuman conditions of US /Mexico border migrant-refugees, caging of children and pregnant women, poor health care and other abuses.

Why are so many Haitian migrants at the US/Mexico border? 

It is estimated over 12,000 Haitians arrived at the border, forming encampments. Over the past year, mounting issues for the country of Haiti hit a critical mass with Haitian citizens – political corruption, the assassination of a controversial President Jovenel Moïse and the onslaught of natural disasters – one after another, earthquakes and hurricanes have intensified unemployment, poverty, pandemic-related lack of Covid-19 care and have left Haitians with no hope for their own country. Many Haitians had already been in border towns and Central America – migrating out of Haiti over the years settling in South America countries as south as Argentina, Chile but Latin American countries especially those in Central America – Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras have faced their own economic turmoil, forcing many of its own citizens and migrant-refugees alike to flee again.


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