June is an important month for two groups currently facing scrutiny under the Trump administration; the LGBTQ and our Immigrant communities.

While the majority of Americans in the USA are eager to kick-off their Summer plans, others make plans to continue resisting the rhetoric of the current Administration.

This weekend, cities across the country will hold their PRIDE Parades, with San Francisco being one of the largest one. This year’s parade is especially significant considering the large anti-gay, anti-immigrant, white supremacist group running the show inside the White House, from Steve Bannon, Betsy Devos, and Mike Pence. PRIDE 2107 returns to its political roots, a march in celebration of love, and inclusiveness, while also a protest against discrimination, and hate.

In other parts of the country (but also in San Francisco), another marginalized group celebrates equality and fights for justice, the immigrant community. It is not merely limited to undocumented people fearing for their livelihood. Immigrants from all walks of life are gathering together to demand respect and recognition for the contributions made by immigrants — the force that moves the United States.

While some may think that the LGBTQ and the immigrant community have little in common, the truth is that in their way, they both share the same scrutiny, and tyranny. This discrimination comes not only from the government (with the current Administration being one of the most ruthless in recent history). Also, from closed-minded individuals who refuse to acknowledge that we are all the same, regardless of whom we love, where we come from, which higher power we pray to, or which papers make us Americans.

We are living in such a turmoil of a political climate, with previous progress to protect these groups from discrimination reversed. It is our responsibility to rally together, not just in the form of protest, but by supporting organizations that fight day and night to protect our LGBTQ and undocumented brothers and sisters.


Photo credit: Levi Saunders

Each of us can become a Harvey Milk, a Jose Antonio Vargas, a Cesar Chavez….

We can fight the Trump Administration by becoming powerful allies. Our collective power is stronger than hateful tweets. Let’s silence the bigots, and change the course of what will be written in history books.

Here’s a fragmented list of some of the organization where you can donate financially, or become a volunteer:


U.S Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

National Immigration Law Center

Black Alliance for Just Immigration

Families for Freedom

Immigrant Legal Resource Center

Mariposas sin Fronteras

Family Equality Council 


Human Rights Campaign 

The Trevor Project 


It Gets Better 

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