One of the toughest conversations to have is about, you guessed it: M-O-N-E-Y! Whether it is with your familia or your employer, business partner, and yes, FRIENDS – the topic of money is tough. Ask yourself, do you ever talk about money with your dearest friends, your squad, your mob, the chicas you can trust?

One of the things Latinx face is this social taboo (part cultural conditioning – a sensitive topic in nuestra cultura) that does us a huge disservice, that “Money is bad, evil”.  It’s time to turn that paradigm of fear around so that talking about money is a comfortable conversation, it becomes the ‘new norm’. You can own this ‘new norm’ negotiating for a job offer/salary, credit card rates and/or  for the purchase of a car or home, one day.

Now, back to the Amigas or Chicas, your crew- here’s why this can be a powerful ‘real’ conversation, a positive ‘game changer’ among all of you, as trusted friends.

Money On Your Mind?
Get it off your chest and talk about it with trusted friends and add a rule in all convos: No Judgement

Share Salaries
It won’t necessarily level the playing field, it will keep you keen on each other’s possibly limitations in salary negotiation and industry market rates. If one amiga is struggling to negotiate a much needed salary increase – you or others can jump in to help! Role play the negotiation process.

Pay Debt Off Together
Find ways and strategies together – share credit card negotiation scripts. If these sisters could attack $182K in debt – so can you! Attack that debt together. Sell your closets combined on Poshmark. A garage sale. Create a jewelry side hustle, etc. to pay off that debt!

Does a good friend need a financial intervention – she’s outta control with the shoe shopping? Nely Galan, entrepreneur and author of Self-Made says, “Choose Yourself” and “Don’t Buy Shoes; Buy Buildings!

In summary, by helping each other to make better informed decisions by bouncing ideas off each other on how to reach your ideal salary, budget, savings and wealth goals – you gals become so much powerful!

This is about making ‘bank‘  – creating wealth for yourselves individually and collectively through knowledge building, mutual support and being kick ass with your money.

Don’t let know one mess with your money – your livelihood and potential legacy to pass on to your family one day.

Gain wealth together as friends. Celebrate together as friends.


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