Why Be A BoldLatina Collective Member?

Since Fall 2017, BoldLatina has been continually funded by dope Latina/x members like you who pledge annually or more to support our sustainability and growth! So few digital media platforms for Latinas exist (learn more about us) that are ‘meaningful’, we want to be that for you, our reader. Here, at BoldLatina, we put our readers first, we invest in our readers. You believe in comunidad, so do we!

We believe in documenting our Latina/x rise and believe in the reader and creator community – the content creators, writers and journalists who bring those stories of our rise to you. BoldLatina is one of few Latina/x owned, operated and created media properties who pay talented Latinx.

If you believe in the BoldLatina ethos…

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Here’s Why BoldLatina Is A Unique Platform

We are Latina-led, women of color owned + created. WE are the audience. In the world of white-male owned media.

WE are unicornios.

We keep Latinx, POC community, native cultura, pro-local, social justice and intersectional feminist views at the forefront.

WE are conscious and progressive.

Our contributors/content creators are Latina, WOC and are active in pursuing journalism, are professional writers, content creators and popular voice

WE are activists.

We keep pop culture/celebrity culture in the tiniest of doses…cuz’ the real rising stars are y’all. YOU are the news. 

WE see you.

No clickbait, soul-less content farm, we are the ‘antithesis’ of traffic-driven only sites. With BL, limited or ethical advertising in yo’ face. Readers first, not advertisers. 

Got Questions?

Will you be blocking content or charge to view content?

Cálmate….not in our plans. Paywalls and blocking content, none of that! We believe in access to content for all. Democracy in media! We hope our mission at BoldLatina resonates with you enough to pledge/subscribe to our BoldLatina Collective annual membership…keep us strong and operating without having to withhold information to inspire and celebrate who we are.

Can I pay my membership with check?

At this time, no – wait, you still use checks?  Sorry, we do everything digital. Credit/debit card are accepted. Paypal in progress! 

I can’t afford membership, but I want to be part of the BoldLatina Member Collective, do you have scholarships or membership giveaways?

Yes, we will as soon as proceeds of memberships + donations grow to subsidize scholarships and free membership giveaways to students and unemployed persons only – we will contact you –  fill out the form below.

How can I gift a BoldLatina Member Collective right now?

You are soooo nice! Once you become a BoldLatina Collective member, you can gift a membership. Not a member, but would love to gift someone, please contact us below. 

Can I pause, downgrade or cancel my membership?

BoldLatina Member Collective is an annual pledge you pay upfront. You can pause, downgrade or cancel your subscription by logging in at BoldLatina Member Collective page to manage your subscription/membership.  Look for the round button on the lower right hand of your screen. Give us a ping at hola@boldlatina.com if you need more help or use contact form below.