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Inspiring Latinas Who Share Life Gems Online

One of the best things you can do is share knowledge with others. As members of the Latinx community, we at BoldLatina want to give you as much empowering information as we can, and that includes highlighting the inspiring Latinas who are doing the same. The more we give each other the tools to grow and succeed, the more we all win.

So, who are some of the helpful Latinas who are sharing life gems online? The following ladies are divulging on important topics such as personal finance, Afro-Latinidad, and food and environmental justice.

Delyanne Barros

Want to know how to make your money grow? Then you need to check out Delyanne Barros, a.k.a. Delyanne The Money Coach online. Her Instagram and TikTok constantly share personal finance tidbits like what the S&P 500 is, “five money rules causing scarcity,” and how to pay 0% in taxes. You can also learn more from Delyanne by listening to her CNN podcast, Diversifying.

Tatiana Londono


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Tatiana Londono is the head broker at Londono Realty Group, so you know she’s qualified to get you educated in real estate. Want to know how real estate appreciates in value over time? Why you should stage your house before selling it? Or why you should start investing in real estate when you’re young? You’ll learn it all on Tatiana’s Instagram. Be sure to check out her book, Build Your Real Estate Empire, for more info on how to make money by owning property.

Janel Martinez


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Afro-Latinidad is something every Latina should know about, because it is an integral part of our culture. However, it is something that has been purposely omitted from every facet of Latinidad. Thankfully, there are people like Janel Martinez who are doing the work to put the focus back on Afro-Latinas. Her website (as well as her Instagram) Ain’t I Latina? “is an online destination created by an Afro-Latina for Afro-Latinas. You’ll learn about Garifuna culture, Afro-Latinas making their mark on the world, books to know about, and more.

Irisneri Alicea Flores

It’s important to know your roots if you want to grow. However, through the generations, many have lost the traces to who their family was way back when, and where they came from. Irisneri Alicea Flores has dedicated her career to helping Latinas find their lost ancestors. On her website, Descubre Tu Historia, you can book an appointment for genealogy services (with a free consultation), and check out a helpful blog. On her Instagram, you’ll learn things like “keywords and tips that can help in your family research,” and what you can “learn from the birth records from former Spanish colonies.”

Amy Quichiz


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Amy Quichiz’s Veggie Mijas is all about “centering women, gnc, femmes, queer and trans, BIPOC in our food and environmental justice work.” On the Veggie Mijas website and Instagram, you’ll see vegetarian recipes, find out what fruits are in season, can join the Veggie Mijas Book Club, learn about events, and check out Afro-Latina owned clean and cruelty-free beauty brands,” among other things.

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