How to Conduct a Successful Job Search During COVID-19

Let’s face it…times have changed. The current situation is not business as usual. Searching for a job is stressful. Now add in social distancing and an uncertain economy and job searching can seem impossible. 

And with half (49%) of Hispanics and Latinos saying they or someone in their household has taken a pay cut, lost a job, or both due to the COVID-19 outbreak, its hard to see any kind of silver lining. 

But I am here to tell you that a successful job search during this time is possible. 

So, if you were amid a job search pre-COVID, or need to jump into one now, then following these key steps can lead to employment.

Consider Applying for Remote Work

The number of remote or flexible work environment positions has skyrocketed and its something you can get into immediately. Many industries are seeking these kinds of employees and Indeed is a great place to find positions. 

Remote work opportunities span a wide range of industries, job positions, and even experience levels. The best way to start your remote job search is to identify your top skills and determine which job opportunities align with those strengths. It’s essential to think about what are called “transferrable skills”, or the skills that apply to multiple types of jobs. This is key to locating a position that utilizes your strengths but may possibly be in a new industry, one that is currently hiring at a rapid rate. 

Not sure how to identify your top or transferrable skills? You can find several free skills assessment tests online. A great one is the O*Net Interest Profiler.

Kick-start Virtual Networking

With social distancing in full effect, our traditional idea of networking has change. And it is key you adapt as well. Think about how you can take networking virtual. And the #1 way is to reach out to your connections via email or social media platforms.

Think of this question…How many people in your network know you are conducting a job search or need a new opportunity? If the answer is “Well, not many” then you are ready for virtual networking.

Start by sending the “Help Me Find a Job!” email to your connections. And here is what you should consider when creating the perfect email outreach message.

Give your message a strong start. Let your connection know you are job hunting and why you are reaching out.

Provide links to the last 2-3 positions you applied to or will apply for in the near future. This gives your connection an idea of what you are looking for now.

Do not forget the ask. Think about how this person can help you and make a strong ask. Can they connect you to someone in their network? Would you like to discuss your job search with them via phone? Do not leave out this pivotal piece.

Attach your resume. Give the connection an idea of what you have done and your career trajectory.

Craft Your Online Presence 

LinkedIn is actively used by recruiters and hiring managers looking to fill positions. And it is a great option for getting noticed and landing a job. But the first thing is having a standout profile that is sure to get you noticed. So, your LinkedIn presence needs to be fierce. As part of your current job search strategy, take the time to review and update your LinkedIn profile, post on the platform, and even show you are a thought leader by writing engaging articles. You can also follow companies that you would simply love to work for and begin connecting with their staff members. 

If you need some help with your LinkedIn profile design then do not worry, I’ve got you covered! BoldLatina readers have access to my FREE guidebook with easy steps to create a LinkedIn profile in just 1-day. Click HERE to obtain your copy. 

Although the job search may take a different form, it is essential to know that you CAN be hired during the COVID crisis. Follow these key steps, stick with it, and stay positive. Know that this too shall pass, and you will find a job that fits your goals.

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