There is a cost to being a female consumer not just in the United States but global as brands get more savvier about approaching us, mujeres. It’s called the Pink Tax and you might not even be aware that you have given into the ‘pink’ feminized consumer products out there that grab your attention, pretty pink packaging that appeals to your aesthetic, but guess what….are marked up or upcharged in price! What this is is gender-based pricing discrimination and while certain states have regulations and legislation attempts under the ‘tampon tax’ have been made against such practices – it still flies under our radar.

Why are products marketed to women more expensive than products marketed to men? According to a New York City Department of Consumer Affairs study, products marketed to women are generally 7% more. Personal/hygiene/grooming products are 13% more than men’s! Ouch! Of course, there may be slight product differentiation, marketing approaches – but we aren’t buying the ‘reasons’ and these discrepancies, at all.

Here are a couple of examples of ‘Pink Tax’ products:

Razor Blades

Stationery – Pens!

Women’s basic apparel: white t-shirts, tank tops, underwear in a package

Girl toys and clothing

The ‘Pink Tax’ can also apply to the untangibles or services as well – dry cleaner, dental and hair dresser/cuts.

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When it comes to Latina/x, Women of Color and wealth building, these pricing differentiations cost us more in the long run because of the salary disparity, our earning power or lack there of of equal pay. Though we are top consumers, our buying power tends to over index on beauty/hygiene/grooming products – so should we watch out for the ‘Pink Tax’? Sis, of course!


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How to sell things to humans. #justsaying

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