Holiday Gift Guide From Some of Our Favorite Latinx Shops

The holidays are upon us and with less than two weeks before Christmas (if you celebrate it), lots of people like me are still looking for that perfect gift.

Sure, there are others “Holiday Gift Guides” on the interwebz, but at BoldLatina, we made the conscious decision to compile a list of our favorite Latinx businesses. The way we see it, better to support local establishments than huge corporations.

Here’s a handy list of some of our favorite Latinx-owned shops, know that for every purchase you are helping a local business thrive. If you can’t find what you need, check out the ShopLatinx marketplace & directory of more #Latinx businesses!

Hella Crafty

Jotx Wear

Now in black #Resilience JOTXWEAR.COM

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Viva La Bonita


Shirt available at!

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Apple Sauced

Fushila Fresheners

Brown BadAss Bonita

Oh Comadre Candles

De Aztlan Designs

Magic Mood Art

Thank you @yosoy_800000 for sharing my story! And thank you for being here for our community! Read my story below . #immigrant #cleandreamact #yosoy #magicmoodart #Repost @yosoy_800000 (@get_repost) ・・・ Alicia Rodriguez Torres is a 28-year-old from Mexico. She migrated to the U.S, when she was five years old with her mother to reunify with her father. She stated that her father was residing in the U.S due to employment opportunities compared to country of origin. She reported that her father was undocumented, but was able to obtained legal relief through the 1986 Immigration Reform under Reagan Administration. She indicated that her father’s legal relief opportunity grant her legal relief. Alicia has a Bachelors Degree and teaching credentials from CSULB. (Q) what is the purpose of your card industry? -Alicia ” with my cards not only am I hoping to celebrate our traditions, but also keep our culture alive. I want to have representation of our culture in many places, in my case, the greeting card industry. I want to provide our younger generations with that comfort and acceptance in every professional field. By supporting each other, we are able to create a strong network for our community. I think it’s time to start a movement. It’s time to become leaders and pave the path for our young Latinos, to inspire them to become leaders’ themselves”. #DACA #HeretoStay #Immigration #immigrationreform #LaRaza #YoSoy

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