Looking for energy in all the wrong places?

Today, we are working harder and faster more than ever! And getting very little sleep on top of that. So our mornings feel like a drag, that is until you get that fix…and come afternoon, almost every day, you find yourself in the same drag, it’s 3pm, you can barely keep your eyes open to finish the last 2 hours (if you are lucky) of work!

If this is your life – or any part of it – it’s no wonder you’re praying to the altar of ‘stimulants’ and azucar.

Yeah, ‘stimulants’ it sounds ‘druggy’ ‘cuz it is! The energy shots at the 7-Eleven, the big bottles of ‘ginseng’ or ‘green tea flavored’ “energy” drinks sold at the gym.  Intuitively we know that we need more sleep, we need to eat better, we need to take breaks and long walks on the beach, blah blah blah. But what happens when we don’t, can’t or won’t? Are these “energy” drinks OK …at all?

Are energy drinks, OK?  Do they really work and are even good for you?

Here we gooooo, so listen up!

Know your stimulants. Stimulants give you a high, mija 🙂 Not all stimulants are created equal. Teas, coffees and energy drinks can vary on caffeine potency. Teas, do however, provide more healthy benefits and sustain longer than a shot of expresso – like certain yerba buena matematcha and pu-erh can give just as much of a jolt.  

Energy Fix – Start with your food first for better energy (superfoods like cacao nibs or more than 70% pure cacao powder), B vitamins like B6 provide energy too, and use stimulants only as band-aids when you need them. Make a plan for after they wear off to address the real cause of your energy deficit (like the fact that you were out last night on a ‘school night’, mujeeeeeeer!)

Don’t Just Drink Your Stimulants. Food has calories and calories are energy.  Make sure you EAT especially after a workout – both a combined protein and carb snack, like an almond butter banana ½ sandwich. Having those stimulant-heavy caffeinated and herby drinks will give you more energy, but once they wear off, you’ll be back where you began – or even lower.

Energy Fix – So let’s say you do grab an ‘energy’ drink or shot, don’t let it have more than 10 grams of sugar per serving and read the label for serving size. A standard tall ‘energy’ drink can have more than 2 servings! Think of that sugar!!!! Excessive sugar is incredibly harmful to us, females, as in it’s-white-foods-harmful. Too much sugar does the exact opposite of sustaining your energy: it zaps you in the end. Again, the better energy solution is to get your carbs from quality foods like organic fruits and vegetables.

Tamaya Garcia, our BoldLatina Health/Wellness ‘self-care’ contributor, activist and Latina plant-based educator/chef, shared a green juice “warrior” recipe made with nopales that will instantly pep you up and give you sustained energy plus detox you…from evil spirits, just kidding. A green smoothie will make you feel alive enough to tackle your long, hard working days, mujer!  Sign up for our weekly email for future posts on maintaining your health and energy!