VeroBy Veronica Taylor @Srta_Vero

Next month will mark the end of my time with an amazing group of ambitious women. As part of the Latina Coalition Silicon Valley’s ELLA (Engaged Latina Leadership Activist) 2016 class, I had the opportunity to enhance my skills for success and civic engagement.

leadership quoteThis six month program brought together industry professionals from all fields to teach and empower myself and my classmates. The ELLA program since its inception has created a much needed space, a space that creates a pipeline for future Latina leaders in all fields, which focus on civic engagement and community.

For myself, I’ve always had a passion for community and a desire to learn. It is empowering to surround myself with women who have stories similar to mine. Learning about their accomplishments, struggles, and life stories fueled my motivation to succeed. Their stories also gave me reassurance that I am not alone in my path to success, and it is possible to accomplish everything I want and more.

It’s important to reach out and connect with others, you truly never know who may give you your next opportunity or how their stories can serve as a learning tool for your own life. Programs like this one foster mentorship and leadership for the next generation.

For my program classmates, I admire you in different ways. I admire those that are mothers who provide for their children and continue to reach for professional and academic success. Some come from poor or low income neighborhoods/cities and continue to break the stereotypes that are associated with where they’re from. Many come from rough childhoods or less than ideal home situations, and still they continue to prosper in their endeavors. We don’t just share our success, but we take trips to Starbucks, we dish the chisme and we have fun.

If you ever come across a program or a workshop about personal or professional development, go for it. Sign up, apply, and make connections. Putting yourself out there only opens up more doors and more opportunities to grow.

Sisterhood Brunch

Latina Coalition Silicon Valley

Sunday, June 26, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM (PDT)

San Jose, CA

Since 1998, Latina Coalition has built Latina Leadership and civic engagement opportunities throughout Silicon Valley by hosting speaker series, luncheons, educational forums, trainings, networking events, and our signature Engaged Latina Leadership Activist (ELLA) program.

We are honored to invite you to join us for our annual Sisterhood Brunch on Sunday, June 26th.

Please contact for questions and more information. We hope to see you there!

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