First MAC Selena, now this – Aaliyah For MAC Release Date And We Are Marking Our Calendars

Ready for this…MAC is releasing AaliyahForMAC beauty collection in June of this year. You can lose your shit now!


MAC announced plans of the new Aaliyah beauty collection last year in August 2017.

Aaliyaaaaaah… born in Brooklyn, raised in Detroit was a home girl that rose to fame as a triple threat – R&B singer (24 million albums sold worldwide), an actor and model in the late 90s when authentic beauty and talent reigned. Known for her sexy dance moves ‘Rock the boat...’, anyone?, sensual beauty and style – who can swag and sag baggy pants and rock a midriff with abs in yo face, like Aaliyah? No one. Sadly, in 2001, the R&B legend died in a plane crash in the Bahamas along with eight others.

So how did the Aaliyah beauty collection get started? You can thank Missy Elliott (one of our favorite artists), Aaliyah’s brother Rashad Houghton and super fans who circulated an online petition via A repeat call-to-action much like the MACSelena debut.

As you may recall, an online petition went viral on the 20th anniversary of Selena’s death, the petition started by Patty Rodriguez asked for MAC cosmetics to honor Selena with a collection. After the much anticipated release, all of us Latinx musandic fans lost our collective shit over MACbySelena that we hoarded and fought for every last ‘Amor Prohibido‘ lipstick validating to MAC and in general, the cosmetic industry that Latinas overindex on cosmetics and grooming products than our non-Latina counterparts, the Latinx buying power of at least $1.7  trillion is for real.

Knowing MAC answered the call to honor more legacy women of color who set trends and inspired a generation in the 90s, gives more reason for potentially other legacy cosmetic brands to step it up when it comes to selection, resonance and representation. However, do women of color/Latina/x wait for cosmetic brands to serve us? Nope! In past years, we have seen the release of independent cosmetic lines created by, owned and operated by women of color/Latina/x like Mented, Reina Rebelde, Bésame Cosmetics, Melt Cosmetics to name a few, it’s only a matter of time when larger legacy cosmetic holding companies recognize it makes sense and it’s good business to acquire an existing cosmetic business owned by a women of color, right?


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