Fiestas Fridas San Francisco Kicks Off!

Hold on to your flower-crowns muxeres because it’s going to be a fun-filled month of Frida! No where and we mean, no where, is Frida Kahlo celebrated like this, than in San Francisco! On it’s fourth year, Fiestas Fridas San Francisco is a project of Cine+Mas San Francisco Latino Film Festival, and was started in part to honor Frida Kahlo and her relationship with San Francisco! Frida had love for this big-heart city, that she and Diego renewed their vows here in San Francisco! Around the great city of San Francisco, you will find Diego Rivera’s murals as well as  Frida’s paintings. The infamous couple were known to hit up local spots like the Cathay House.

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Photo Credit: Fiestas Fridas Festival - SELFrida Challenge

Photo Credit: Fiestas Fridas Festival – SELFrida Challenge

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