At SSL Media, we seek out products, services & events we know our subscribers (that’s you) would appreciate hearing about & love. We choose the topics! We do not get paid to express ‘positive’ reviews or recommendations on products, services or events. We can’t get bribed into an all-expenses trip to Bora Bora either! Welllllll, no we can’t! After all, that’s cramping our style and yours, no? SSL Media does not want that. Like the saying goes…we keep it real!

SSL Media Media would not be able to provide our subscribers with quality content via SupaDaily unless we have advertising partners. These partners need to highly align with our criteria and mission – that is, to bring the best to our deserving subscribers! If our emails are sponsored by partners – know that SSL Media also genuinely recommends the product & service provided by our partner.

Keeping up the integrity and quality of our online offerings and maintaining loyalty to our fabulous subscribers is what SSL Media is all about.

SSL Media ( will make sure we clearly indicate on any email subject line, that this is a Sponsored or Dedicated email. Our partners want to show us l-o-v-e, afterall, what’s not to love, right chica!