A Step Towards Social Change With Shoes

We don’t know about you, but the zapatos make the outfit…and can create social impact! We put a lot of thought into the styles and varieties of shoes needed for us, it’s no wonder that the US footwear industry is as large as it is, a $29,750,000,000 (yo, that’s  a lot of zeros) business with of course, women’s shoes taking a 17% share. However, the shoe industry seems antiquated, ‘dinosaur-ish’, all for-profit, yes, but where is that profit going? What about the workers? Where are the materials sourced from? Consumers now want to know. We want to know, as the socially progressive Latinx that we are.

When it comes to the ‘conscious consumerism’ movement, finding and discovering brands that have a social impact bent, meaning a purchase leads to improvement of an employee(s), a community’s livelihood or attached to a cause, is important.

Now, we have heard about TOMS shoes in fact, wearing a pair right now!

However, we set out to discover brands that are giving back to the Latin American communities, now that is something we can get behind!

These brands give back through proceeds, local employment and/or partnership/equity share to community artisans.


Teysha is ran by a small team who studied/majored in international development and micro-finance. Sophie Echlich, CEO/Co-Founder is Texas proud and born, the daughter of a Mexican mother. Teysha has ethnically handcrafted shoes, home goods & accessories, made by global artisan partners in Guatemala and Panama.

IX Style

Francesca Kennedy, a Guatemalan-American is founder of high-fashion IX Style. IX means water. Inspired by the TOMS shoe brand model she set out to make and create huaraches with a contemporary spin, all while employing local Mayan artisans and proceeds benefit the local community mission for safe drinking water. So inspiring!

Adelante Shoe Co

The shoes have soul or sole! Modern classic shoes made out of 100% leather, Adelante’s model allows the craftsmen and women, one of which is a second generation shoemaker to define their own salary amounts leading go transparency and accountability.










When it comes to our shoes, you can’t mess with a long lasting, classic pair and the above brands carry both classic and trendy styles. The best part is knowing that the pair you purchase go back towards the artisans who handmade them!

Let us know if we left out a social impactful shoe brand by commenting below!

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