by Anali Martinez @TheNuevaLatina

Giiiiiirl! You are going to get that job! Nowadays, creating your personal brand is so important in getting a job, changing careers, and just being noticed in general. With the rise of social media and LinkedIn we are faced with SO MANY ways to market ourselves that it can get craaaaazy out there.

1. Define Your Objectives. Your personal brand should relate directly to your career or your career goals. Be specific about your aspirations. Ask yourself, “What do you want to be?” Do you want to get that awesome internship? Maybe you want to be the editor-in-chief of a magazine or head a design firm. Be very clear on what your goals are and then shape a personal brand that will help you reach that goal. For example, if you’re a panaderia owner & maker of the best conchas in town and people better recognize, you want to shape you and your store’s brand around the culinary art of making those specific Mexican pastries.

2. Take The Process Seriously. Don’t expect others to know what you stand for if you aren’t clear yourself. Personal branding isn’t about cheesy sayings or catchy gimmicks; it’s about showcasing your distinctive blend of attributes and abilities.

3. Be Consistent. Create a solid image and establish trust by presenting the same brand at all times. The professional aura you worked hard to project on LinkedIn quickly can be questioned with a Facebook page focused on partying. Also, try to create a consistent personal social media brand. This means that if possible, try to get the same screen-name or handle on all of the major platforms. If you are named ‘Anali Martinez‘, securing your actual name is all, but impossible at this stage in the game so you may need to be creative. Play around with common industry terms or even your mom’s nickname for you to create something distinct and own-able (i.e., Anali Martinez could become “TheNuevaLatina” if she considers that her persona).

4. Be Specific. Your brand is all about YOU, of course, but you need to clearly convey that to your audience. Make it known what industry you’re in and what some of your career goals are. Highlight some of the interests and skills you have. This will help you connect with your audience. You also want to be specific about what your brand’s function is. What service do you offer your audience? What makes you stand out from the crowd? We know Nike for sportswear & Tiffany’s for engagement rings.

Tell the world what they should associate your name with.

5. Be Yourself. Nobody wants to be friends with a robot. We’re all people–and we appreciate seeing that side in those we do business with. Keep in mind that you may very well want to create this professional presence separate from your personal presence in social media. People that follow you for your cooking tips probably don’t care about your winter vacation photos. Generally, creating a separate social media profile for business purposes can be a smart strategy. Further, you can use different channels for different purposes. Your Twitter profile may be more business-oriented while your Facebook may be more personal. Utilize “amigos” lists that allow for selective sharing and make sure to always think twice before posting anything.

6. Sell Your Product…YOU. Beefing up your LinkedIn profile to include letters of recommendation in which others reinforce your brand. Creating a website to serve as the central destination for anyone wanting to know more about you (bonus points for buying a domain with your name in it, such as
Becoming active in LinkedIn groups and other similar communities like BeVisible for Latinx. Establishing yourself as an industry expert through well-written posts of your own and thoughtful commentary on the works of others.

Last word of advice, don’t limit your brand-promoting efforts to just the cyber world!

Join professional groups and boards. Go to events. Donate your time to charities. Give presentations and guest lectures. Make it seem like you are everywhere at all times. The more you put yourself out there and are seen, the more name recognition you earn. =)

Now go out there and get it mujer! Show the world what you’re made of!