Today’s podcast media mavens are breaking ground and are proudly Latinx/WOC ran and/or owned. These Latinx podcasts bring us smart dialogue about the very topics that are our reality and in the process, validate our experiences.  From reclaiming our health to the startup challenges of Latinx founders, you will find it within this list! Now, for our Spanish-dominant or bilingual Latinx, we included a podcast para mujeres strictly en español. Either way these podcasts represent a diversity of topics and Latinx, we hope you have great takeaways from.

So why have podcasts become a popular medium for Latinx/WOC? A Colombian Journal Review article, ‘Why are #PodcastsSoWhite?‘ points to the obvious disparity of the ‘brown perspective’ in the podcast space and if you were to review ‘top podcast’ listings, that disparity does show. Podcasts have become an important outlet for our voices and perspectives despite obstacles and barriers to entry. As more and more listeners are and become non-white, the podcast space will start to rep the majority-minority. So in the meantime, we should continue to support Latinx/POC owned and operated media platforms – and that includes podcasts like these:

Las Doctoras

Bringing you conversations about race, gender, sexuality, reproductive justice and so much more. ‘Las Doctoras’ announce their Season 4. The latest episode available on iTunes.

Ellas Ahora

(en español)

Historias de mujeres auténticas abriendo caminos y rompiendo paradigmas en temas de Cultura, Deporte, Impacto Social y Negocios.

Authentic women’s journeys opening paths and changing paradigms in culture, social impact and business. Of course, it reads and sounds better in español. Available on Spotify, Google Play and Apple iTunes.


Chombita Chronicles 

(en español)

From the content creator of the Yovy D. Show comes a new podcast on Yovy’s Afro-Latina experience but en Español. You can listen to Yovy account on all topics and interviews fellow entrepreneurs, content creators and more!

Tamarindo Podcast

Hosted by Brenda Gonzalez and Ana Sheila Victorino.  Smart Latinas having smart conversations is what Tamarindo Podcast is all about. They dive into discussions on identity, race, gender, representation, and life! If you are interested in starting your own podcast, sign up for their podcast class.

2 Bronx Dominicans, lawyers-in-the-making, Lina and Estephanie are Afro-Latinas “just tryna be better and make you better too, join us as they try to get rid of our baggage cuz deadass that stuff is heavy af,” as stated on their bio! Entertaining, f*ckin real – give them a listen and donate to keep them going strong!


Locatora Radio

A podcast hosted by duo hosts & producers MALA MUÑOZ X DIOSA FEMME otherwise known as the ‘Locatoras’. Their wildly popular podcast blends humor,  social analysis, and interviews to engage listeners in nuanced discussions about feminism, sexual wellness, pop culture, and entertainment.


Self-ish Latina

We love Denise Soler Cox, founder of Project Enye and we had the opportunity to interview this ‘BoldLatina’ a while back. Denise’s ‘The Self-ish Latina Podcast’ is about Latinas unapologetically putting ourselves first despite the cultural and mainstream conditioning. From her segment with Gary Vaynerchuk, a brief but heavy moment ‘about our mothers’ to being not ‘American’ enough. Denise’s provocative dialogues are what we need to hear to heal and get next level! Available on Apple iTunes Podcasts.


Updated: October 13, 2021

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