Dear Readers,

It’s been a little quiet with SupaDaily… that’s because we are undergoing ch-ch-ch-changes! Good ones because we want to stick around and we hope you want us to, too! We can tell you do too, thousands of you have subscribed to our email newsletters in the past, on average 60-100 a month and engage with us via social media – GRACIAS! We get praise from you too!

Like this one…

or this one…

this one!

And there are more!

So you see, we want to stick around and after polling about 40 readers – it’s time to put ‘SupaDaily’ to rest.

We are rolling out a fresher, new brand, that speaks to us and hopefully you. So enter BOLDLatina Notice we use #boldlatina a lot…expect our new rollout of BOLDLatina over the next couple of days!


We are a unique platform and here’s why:

  • We are Latina-led, women of color owned + created. WE are the audience. It matters especially in the white people, mostly ‘white male’ dominated media industry, an industry targeting ‘women’ AND ‘women of color’ more than ever. We need to run + own not just consume and create for.
  • We remained completely boot-strapped for years…years.
  • We keep Latinx, PoC community, pro-local, social justice and feminist views at the forefront.
  • Our contributors/content creators are Latina, WoC and are active in pursuing journalism, are professional writers, content creators and popular voices. WE are activists.
  • We keep pop culture/celebrity culture in the tiniest of doses…cuz’ the stars are y’all. WE see you.
  • No clickbait soulless articles and/or advertising in yo’ face. This is intentional because we don’t like ads in our face, so why would you?!

The truth is we’ve kept it homegrown and organic for a long time. We built a meaningful media venture, BUT this time, sustainability is key and we want to include the community by delivering more value with a membership!

Support our work as an independent media venture for women of color/Latinx. Help sustain the new BOLDLatina.

With annual memberships/subscriptions we will be able to sustain. Learn more about membership. In addition, we will be able to build out more features and able to continue to PAY our Latinx writers/content creators! Note: Loyal readers and/or nonmembers will still be able to access content just no perks of membership.

INTRODUCTORY BOLDLatina Membership/Subscription is $12 A YEAR! That’s only $1 a month (we want to make it affordable for everyone) Paid Annually $12!


Support our OWN PoC creatives within this unstable media industry. This is a new model for us to try, but we won’t be able to do it without you!

In the future, we plan to donate a % of proceeds to women of color/Latina organizations. We look forward to publicizing the list of orgs we ! We have to circulate that dollar in our community ya’ know!

If you don’t want a membership and want to donate instead, that’s cool….donate  any amount to BOLDLatina without becoming a member or do a recurring donation monthly. 


We Love You.

Should you have any comments, concerns or just want to say ‘HOLA‘ – Comment below or

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