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Latinx Activists Have Written These Books on the Environment You Need to Read

We Latinxs have been in a close relationship with the Earth since the days of our Indigenous ancestors. We have lived on the planet, grown and eaten its food, and used to give back to it as much as we benefited from it. It’s sad how much things have changed; meanwhile, Latinx activists have authored books on the environment and sustainability to document this drastic environmental shift.

While there are still many communities that honor the environment and the riches it gives us, the majority of the planet is all about pilfering the Earth’s resources no matter the consequences. And our people(s) suffer the most. According to the Environmental Defense Fund, “Hispanics are more likely than whites to both attribute global warming to human activity and to support action to protect the environment.” However, “more than half (55%) of Latino-Americans live in three states that are already experiencing serious effects related to climate change: historic drought in California, record-breaking heat in Texas, and increased sea level rise and flooding in Florida.” The EDF goes on to state that the industries that Latinos are most likely to work in–agriculture, construction, and manufacturing–are also affected by climate change.

Things need to be different–now. We need to push for a healthier planet, through our own personal work, through our communities, and by demanding that the government seriously take heed. One way to educate ourselves and take action is by reading about how the environment is being destroyed, and how that is affecting Latinxs around the world. And who better to tell these cautionary stories than Latinx activists and authors? Check out the following four eco books written by Latinx activists and authors, and of course, share the knowledge with others.

Climate Change from the Streets: How Conflict and Collaboration Strengthen the Environmental Justice Movement, by Michael Méndez

Climate change affects the whole world, so all parts of the world should be considered when making positive changes for the environment. Including the streets. Michael Méndez’s book, Climate Change from the Streets looks at the environmental justice fight in California, and how policies should be created with local communities and “low income people of color” in mind.

Available at, $30

Latinx Environmentalisms: Place, Justice, and the Decolonial, edited by Sarah D. Wald, David J. Vázquez, Priscilla Solis Ybarra, and Sarah Jaquette Ray


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The next eco-friendly book by Latinx authors we recommend is Latinx Environmentalisms: Place, Justice, and the Decolonial. It proves that environmentalism is not just a white concept, through the many examples seen in Latinx literature, film, and visual art. It reminds Latinxs everywhere that caring for, and being connected to the environment is something that has always been a part of our culture.

Available at, $39.95

Latinnovating: Green American Jobs and the Latinos Creating Them, by Graciela Tiscareño-Soto

Latinxs are not only aware of environmental issues and wanting to improve them. We are also at the forefront of making the changes necessary to save the planet. In Latinnovating: Green American Jobs and the Latinos Creating Them, author Graciela Tiscareño-Soto shares how Latinos have created sustainable companies, and retooled “America’s energy grid, lighting systems, commercial printing, communication infrastructure,” and more. Latinnovating is yet another eco book, written by Latinx authors, that you should pick up to learn more about how to protect the environment.

Available at, $7.83

Ecofictions, Ecorealities, and Slow Violence in Latin America and the Latinx World, edited by Ilka Kressner, Ana María Mutis, and Elizabeth Pettinaroli
Latinx Authors Environment

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It’s important to understand that hurting the environment not only hurts the planet, it is also ecological violence, or “slow violence” against its people(s). Ecofictions, Ecorealities, and Slow Violence in Latin America and the Latinx World “brings together critical studies of Latin American and Latinx writing, film, visual, and performing arts to offer new perspectives on ecological violence.”

Available at, $39.16

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