We own dozens of heels in a beautiful range of colors, but can count the number of flats on one hand – porque? There’s nothing like a sexy heel 👠 to complete an outfit, ya lo sabemos!

This Summer, there are so many reasons to take a quick vacation from the stilettos and slip on some cute little flats.  Lo que Mamá y Abuela nos dicen es cierto; here are a couple of reasons to think twice:

  • Wearing high heels shifts the weight of your body to the front of your foot.  Since this area can’t handle all of pressure from your weight, your posture is impacted.
  • You’re more likely to suffer from knee problems, since high heels increase the pressure on your knee joints.  The cartilage surrounding the knee breaks down, causing a painful joint disease called osteoarthritis.
  • And although we’ll admit a pointy heel is hot, we’ve decided to take a break knowing that prolonged use may mean having to deal with hammertoes and bunions in the future (no fun)!


What to do if we simply can’t break away from the tacones?

Here’s our advice:

  • Get your patitas massaged regularly.  Do it yourself by rolling a golf ball under your foot, applying different levels of pressure, as needed.
  • Hook yourself up with some custom shoe inserts via your local chiropractor. The support from “spinal pelvic stabilizers” helps with your posture and your balance, lessening the pressure on your back. We absolutely LOVE Dr. Scholl’s For Her Ball of Foot Cushions , $6.99) – not only do they help our shoes to fit better (no sliding around), the “massaging gel” makes our stilettos a little more bearable.

The party is over, but who said you had to wear your “killer” heels all the way back home? Ouch! Carry portable slip ons or portable flats!

Any tips to share? Comment Below.